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Camera Screen Protector

When the edges or corners of a camera collide with a hard surface, the effect is in a compressed region and is bound to cause fracture. If the camera falls face down on a surface, the impact would extend throughout the entire lens.

iFixit is an organization that sells electronic parts for repairing and restoring gadgets. iFixit conducted a survey for camera owners and they found that camera's corners and edges are the most sensitive parts.

If your camera screen cracks that's a tragic incident. Manufacturers explain that, screen protector films whether it is plastic or tempered glass, will protect your camera screen from scratches and cracks during a possible accident.

However, adequate screen protectors can help protect your cameras' glass features from breaking or shattering.

Choosing the best camera screen protector: What you need to know before shopping

A screen protector is something that can ensure your gadgets against general damages such as glass shattering. The screen protector you purchase determines the longevity of your camera.

You need to have a basic understanding of what to look for in order to pick the best screen protector.

There are many factors to consider when determining which screen protector provides the best protection for your camera investment. One significant feature to pay attention to about screen protectors is their scratch resistance capabilities.

Scratch resistance is determined by the Mohs hardness test. The test characterizes different damage scenarios and asses if the accessory is capable of protecting the camera. Scratch tests are conducted to determine whether soft or hard materials can affect instruments covered by the tested screen protector.

It's important to know what is the Mohs hardness scale of your screen protector. Mohs hardness number depends on what are the materials used in the screen protector. This scale ranges based on the capacity to scratch a screen protected by a green protector. Masonry drill bits (highest on the size) ranks the highest scale and fingernails ranks lowest scale.

Many people are concerned about the application of screen protector because some of the lcd screen protectors are difficult to apply. However, there are plenty of video guides on YouTube, you can watch the video and apply tempered glass lcd screen to your camera screen by yourself. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a bubble free camera screen after its application.

Types of Screen Protectors and Price ranges

Common Materials

Plastic screen protectors cost less than glass screen protectors because of the raw material cost.

The glass is increasingly adaptable and contrasted with 0.3 to 0.5 mm thickness. At a similar value, the glass will oppose scratches superior to plastic and feel progressively like the gadget's screen.

Screen protectors are commonly made of either plastic or overlaid treated glass. Plastic protectors are made with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Both plastic and glass screen protectors aims to provide a high level of safety.

Common Price Ranges

Glass screen protectors commonly start at around $2USD for the least expensive variation and go up to $35USD.

Plastic screen protectors are a lot less expensive than treated glass ones.

Brands Compatible with Popular Screen Protectors

Most screen protectors are developed to be able to adhere to or installed on any camera. There aren't many cameras with screens that are incapable of utilizing a screen protector for extra cracking protection. Screen protectors for electronic photography gadgets like digital cameras and advanced cameras are developed for installation versatility.

Finding the correct size for specific hardware can be challenging. That is why shoppers should prefer manufacturers who produce screen protectors that are compatible with their camera brand or models.

Most Trusted Screen Protectors for Popular Brands

Many brands offer functional screen protectors, finding the perfect one for your digital camera is very difficult.

There are some convenient screen protectors for cameras and other photography instruments in need of protection. MegaGear is a trusted company that offers some of the most reliable and durable screen protectors for cameras.

Nikon Screen Protector

Nikon protectors has 0.3mm thickness, which can adequately shield your camera from unexpected incidents that leads to scratches and cracks.

Screen protectors are made of high hardness material. After tempered steel handling, hardness of the surface can go up to 9H. This provides safety against scratches and help avoid possible damages to camera screen. Nikon screen protectors should also be waterproof and provides protection against dust, oil, fingerprints, and abrasions.

You should know that there are various companies out there that sells Nikon camera accessories. They manufacture, DSLR camera accessories, mirrorless camera accessories and mirrorless focal point embellishments.

MegaGear Nikon protectors are compatible with popular Nikon models like D3100, D3200, D3300 and D3400.

Canon Screen Protector

Camera enthusiast with all types of experience needs a screen protector. Canon digital camera screen protectors can keep your screen safe for a long time.

The MegaGear Canon LCD screen defender has a 8H surface hardness and 90% optical transmission properties. This features guarantee the most exceptional security and lucidity for your camera's LCD screen.

MegaGear offers other accessories for Canon digital cameras as well. You can find cases, bags and camera screws for popular canon models.

Screen Protectors Compatible with: Canon EOS Rebel SL3, EOS 250D, EOS Kiss X10, Kiss X9, EOS Rebel, and 200D cameras.

Leica Screen Protector

MegaGear Leica digital camera screen protectors have a surface hardness of 8H, per the Mohs Hardness Scale. This level of hardness can keep your screen from smudges and scratches.

Its 0.5 mm Ultra-slim design, the Mega gear glass cover with pristine image display. The anti-aging technology offers more than 90% LCD screen light transmission from your Leica digital camera.

Each optical screen cover has been precision cut to match the screen sizes of Leica models flawlessly.

The MegaGear LCD Leica screen protector ensures that your screen will not shatter on impact.

MegaGear Leica screen films are compatible with popular Leica models like Leica CL, Leica TL2, TL, C Typ 112, D-Lux 7, Q2, M10, C-Lux, Q Typ 116, and Leica V-Lux Typ 114.

Sony Screen Protector

The MegaGear LCD Optical Screen protector for Sony cameras has a thickness of 0.5mm. It is an ultra thin sheet of glass and it protects the screen of your Sony Cybershot camera.

The film has %90 optical transmission property, this feature guarantees a splendid, clear perspective on your screen when auditing your shots. The weight delicately cement empowers smooth, bubble-less establishment, making a strong bond without trading off clearness. As an additional advantage, an oleophobic covering extraordinarily decreases the presence of smudges, fingerprints, and smears.

Screen Protectors Compatible with: Sony Alpha A99 II, Alpha A7R III, DSC-RX10 IV, DSC-RX19 III, DSC-RX100 V, DSC0RX100 VII, DSC-RX100 VI, Alpha AR III, A8S II, A7R II, and the Sony A7 II digital camera.

Fujifilm Screen Protector

MegaGear Fujifilm screen protectors require Brisk and Easy Installation in minutes and consistently coordinates with your LCD screen. Before you apply the film make sure your screen is clean so there won't be any bubbles after application.

The MegaGear Fujifilm screen protectors features a 0.5 mm Ultra-Slim Optical Glass. The film provides a clear view and utilize oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating. Fujifilm screen protectors by MegaGear improve camera responsiveness and touch capabilities.

Secure your camera screen with the MegaGear Fujifilm Camera LCD Optical Screen Protectors. Developed with a 8H surface hardness with 90% optical transmission properties to guarantee the greatest lucidity for your camera LCD screen. For experts and enthusiasts the same, this screen defender is made to broaden the life of your photography gear.

Screen Protectors Compatible with: Fujifilm XF10, X100F, X-E3, X-T3, X-T2, X-T100(15-45mm), X-T30, X-T20, X-T10, X-A5, X-A10, and the Fujifilm X-A3.

Why chose MegaGear screen protectors, and What are their benefits?

MegaGear was established in 2012 as an organization conceived out of affection for consumer hardware.

They are developers and manufacturers of accessories for professional digital cameras and other versatile photography gadgets. Protection of photography equipment is one of the top focus of MegaGear.

What makes MegaGear unique is that they create tailor made products for your hardware. You can find a camera screen protector that is designed specially for the camera model you own. It will fit perfectly on your camera screen.

MegaGear produces every single accessory tailored to the demanded needs. If you buy MegaGear products, you don't have to worry about compatibility. MegaGear's items and product offerings always advance to adjust for the specific needs of their customers.