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What you need to know before choosing an SD card holder?

Flash memories, available on SD cards in cameras and cell phones are amazing devices which store your photos and videos. They allow, depending upon the size of the photo, as well as the compression of the cards, storage between 3,000 and 6,000 photos and the best about it is that all these features are packed in one tiny card.

While memory cards are cheap and fantastic gadgets to store a lot of photos in a tiny device, they are also very sensitive.

First of all, like all electronic devices, they are susceptible to get damaged through static electricity. Camera enthusiasts world-wide have often ruined SD cards or other flash memory devices by carrying them in their pocket or just casually shoving them into a duffle bag. The electronic contacts that allow the card to work are incredibly sensitive to static electricity charges. That is why you have to protect them.

The plastic in the SD card can be easily damaged by hot temperature. When you are carrying them in your pocket or bag and later take them out the temperature change will probably damage the cards.

That is another very important reason why you should carry them in SD card holders.

Finally, SD cards are not waterproof, shock resistant and they are sensitive to dirt and sand.

You have to put your SD card in an SD card holder or just leave it in your camera to protect it safely. It is not just about the money you lose, it is more about the valuable memories you will lose when your camera brakes.

It is not possible to keep multiple SD cards in a camera. You will need an SD card holder that will protect it from static electricity, spills, shock temperature extremes, dirt and sand.

What kind of cardholders are available?

Memory card holders come in all shapes, sizes and made of different materials. Some are made of aluminum, polycarbonate, some are made of leather.

They are either designed to clip on your jeans or they are designed to fit in your back pocket.

A variety of cardholder types

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a huge variety of card holders. Some are designed only for micro-SD cards. Some hold the larger CF cards and can handle only SIM cards, while others are designed to hold a combination of smaller and larger SD cards.

The two of the biggest complaints about memory card cardholders are:

  1. The space of the pockets are too small to easily slip the SD cards in and out
  2. The pockets holding the SD cards are too loose, and the SD cards simply flop around in the case

In either instance, SD cards are liable to break in their case or the pockets are simply not large enough to insert larger cards or get them out once they have been inserted.

Related to this is the protection of SD cards. Most of them come with a small plastic piece to protect the electrical pads. Solving this issue is part of the SD manufacturer, who know the pads are delicate.

However many of the pockets in cardholders are too shallow to allow you to slip both the SD card and the plastic protector in them at the same time.

Not being able to insert the card with the plastic protection makes the SD card very much subject to static electricity problems.

Another problem that most memory card holder manufacturers seem to place very little attention at all to static electricity issues.

Perhaps those who manufacture their cardholders out of polycarbonate can be excused, but to make a cardholder out of aluminum is another problem. Aluminium causes static electricity.

Still another thing to think about when buying a cardholder is thickness. The thickness is a quite important key factor, because if you buy a larger one will it be hard to carry it and put into your pocket. Thin ones will look cheap and they are probably not that much durable. While deciding for one of them, it is important to take into consideration how you will carry them. The size won’t be that important if you carry them in a backpack or putting them in your car. However on the other hand if you are wearing a slim jeans the size matters a lot.

That's why among all the cardholders available in the marketplace we recommend our Leather Cardholder wallet sold at

MegaGear SD Card Holders are available in 7 colors: Camel, Cinnamon, Black, Brown, Red, Blue and Green.

We designed this high-quality leather cardholders with 12 individually stretched leather pockets.

Sliding the memory card in and out of your pocket will damage them. You have to simply grab the top of the SD card as you normally would when inserting it in the camera and then gently slide it in the card holder slot.

The entire leather wallet bought from MegaGear folds up into a small, 4 inch by 1.75 inch space that you can easily carry in your pocket. The entire cardholder weighs only a few ounces and folds up to a slim, 3/4s of an inch handy gadget.

The stretched pockets ensure your flash memory cards never fall apart. The leather protects them from shocks and spills, and above all, electrostatic shocks, as leather is an excellent insulator.

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