About Us

    "MegaGear" founded on 2012 we are a company born out of love for consumer electronics.We are a designer and manufacturer of accessories for consumer electronics, cameras, smartphones, tablets and other handheld and portable devices focusing on protective accessories. Just like the care you show for your loved ones, we are committed to protecting your equipment with a sense of style.
    The striking quality of our products is that they are uniquely crafted for your equipment, rather than offering generic solutions for portability and protection of your equipment, we design each and every accessory specificially for the device in mind so that we can offer the maximum amount of protection and expandability as well as saving space. This approach requires continious monitoring of the advancements in technology, just like every device that evolves in time for the specific needs of their owners, our products and product lines constantly evolve to adapt for the specific needs of these devices.

    We are not only proud of our products we want our customers to be proud of our products, as such we are always open to customer feedback and satisfaction and committed to provide the best customer service available.

    Our camera cases are model-specific, not a “one-size-fits-all” loose bag.

    This means you get a perfect and snug fit for your gear, ensuring optimum protection. So whether you use your gear for work or play, you can carry it with confidence, knowing it’s not only very stylish, but also super safe!