MegaGear Customizable Sierra Genuine Leather Shoulder or Neck Strap for All Cameras

The MegaGear Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap is specially designed to safely and stylishly hold your SLR and DSLR camera to relieve the tension of the weight of the camera on your neck and shoulders as well as eliminating the threat of dropping your camera whilst in use. Now you can confidently shoot away to your heart's content without the stress and worry, making you more physically and mentally balanced so you can concentrate on capturing that next perfect shot.

The genuine leather shoulder or neck strap is lightweight and adjustable to comfortably fit any size or height without creating any extra weight or tension to yourself. The strap can be easily installed and adjusted to fit the user and has a convenient nonslip design to help protect the camera from being accidentally dropped. The strap is compatible with most SLR and DSLR cameras, but if you have any queries about the strap fitting a specific model, please do not hesitate to contact MegaGear’s customer service team who will happily help you find out.

The genuine leather strap is stylish with its fine leather material yet comfortable to wear with extra padding on the underside of the strap, to support the back of the neck or shoulder, making it practical yet modern in design. The strap comes in a choice of classic brown and black, fine leather finishes and can be customized with your name, initials, personal sentence or even logo design engraved into the leather’s fine surface to showcase your photography business and present a more professional look to others or current and future, potential clients.

This camera strap is made from genuine leather and the highest quality materials and craftsmanship all sourced and produced in house at MegaGear. The camera straps secure and comfortable fit make it a convenient choice which is long-lasting and durable for everyday use and universally adapted to fit with most SLR and DSLR cameras. The camera straps simple yet effortlessly modern unisex design makes it an inclusive gift for both men and women.

To see and learn more about the conveniently comfy and stylish, customizable Sierra genuine leather camera strap please visit the link below.

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