Samsung has gone big with their latest tab releases, and today we are going to review them all! First thing's first, so we'll translate "Tab S8", "Tab S8+" and "Tab S8 Ultra" into an easier way of differentiating them. Of course, size isn't the only characteristic distinguishing them, but it is an easy way of spotting them quickly and with no trouble at all. So, according to Samsung, Galaxy Tab S8 is 11", Tab S8+ is 12.4" and Tab S8 Ultra is 14.6".


Beyond size, there are some interesting features around these three models. For example, the Tab S8 has been colorfully designed as an easy to carry-on device with 5G, a huge battery and 12MP Ultra Wide Front Camera. The Tab S8+ comes with all the goodies available in the Tab S8 but with that extra plus that makes it more powerful. Plus stands for a bigger 12.4" sAMOLED screen and on-screen fingerprint scanner.


And last but not least, the Tab S8 Ultra, which aims to become the new standard within the tablet market. Oh, and they all come with the mighty S Pen for us to bring all our quirky ideas to life! Covered that, lets dig deeper into the main specs making us think about which version is best for us!


Brief Take on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 ($699.99)


Embrace daily commute and plane traveling with the slim design of the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.  And who said creativity and productiveness weren't made for each other? Designed as a match made in heaven between them, this Tab helps us with our stuff with precision and style!


Immerse in your content world with its 120 Hz refresh rate 11" touchscreen display which delivers smooth graphics when playing games, streaming videos and content-scrolling. Such graphic power gets complimented with a Dolby Atmos enhanced four-speaker virtual surround sound audio system designed to deliver rich bass and crisp fidelity.


Forget about laggy communications and embrace high-quality video calls with the noise-reducing triple microphone array and 12MP ultra-wide front-facing camera, which comes with auto-framing so that you're always on screen! Share your view with the world! Capture every moment with the dual 13MP & 6MP camera systems with flash. Make precise adjustments to images and edit your precious documents with the almighty S Pen.


And if that doesn't trigger your wallet, then this might do the trick. The built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor with 8GB RAM allows us to multitask a variety of apps, from productivity to entertainment, the Tab S8 covers our backs. And if you find that 128GB is a bit short for internal storage, you can always pull the threads a bit further by installing a fast microSD card into the available slot. But that's not enough, because for an extra $80 you can get the 256GB version in case you need that extra computational snap only internal storage can give.


Long gone are the days of manually toggling between apps. The Multi-Active Windows feature fosters multitasking by allowing us to organize any of our apps in four different layouts. And these are not mere screen splits, we can adjust the width and height of our windows so that we can comfortably perform tasks such as video calling while taking side notes.

Its 8000 mAh battery gives us plenty of hours of entertainment before recharging it through its efficient USB Type-C port. And if laptops are your thing, there's an available detachable keyboard cover that can further enhance your experience with a comfortable typing experience. Last but not least, take your game to the next level with WiFi 6E.


Let's Move on to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ ($899.99)


Samsung is pushing the limits with these tablets, and this one, in particular, deserves a closer look. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ can be easily defined as a premium tablet prepared for enduring any task on the go. Simple as that, so whether you are rushing to deliver some work, catching up with the latest episodes from your favorite series or just cranking your gaming skills up, this table can take it all.


The extra 1.4" delivers a comfortable experience to both the eyes and touch. But the difference between the Tab S8 and the Tab S8+ isn't just a mere matter of size. The crystal clear sAMOLED screen built-in within this particular model delivers brilliant clarity and ultra-smooth views, even in broad daylight. And if you are dealing with lots of communications, be also ready to upgrade your video calling experience thanks to this beautiful large screen which will undoubtedly make you feel closer to your coworkers, clients, family, friends, students and more, you name it. The state of the art dual-camera system with auto framing holds the spotlight on nothing but you.


Enhance your current workflow with the extra space delivered by the 12.4" screen with the pretty useful option of multiple tiled windows within the same space. Samsung has also made their already great S Pen a bit faster so it does feel like a regular ink pen. Sketch and get your handwriting into text in the blink of an eye and sync it directly with Samsung Notes in your Galaxy phone. And if the S Pen still doesn't feel like the best option for your notes, then you can always rely on the sold-separately Samsung cover keyboard.


And when about power and storage, this fine tablet wads it on with an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and up to 256GB of storage (base model comes in 128GB, but for an extra $80 you can kick in double the storage for a more stable performance and user experience). And for your precious files on the go, expand the internal storage with up to 1TB of a microSD card installed in the corresponding bay.


And for the parental folks, Samsung Kids offers a library of fun games, books, and videos that are safe, kid-friendly, and parent-approved. Smart Switch helps us to safely move files from our new Galaxy Tab S8+, no matter the operating system we’re switching from. And if you are privileged enough of having access to Wi-Fi 6E routers, then your online experience will run like nothing else in this world.


King of the Hill, Samsung Tab S8 Ultra ($999.99)


Samsung states that with this particular model, they are creating a new standard within the current tablet realm. So let's see what this pricey 14.6" tablet is capable of. In a nutshell, the large Super AMOLED display brings everything to life in vivid detail. With up to 16GB RAM and 512GB of internal storage, one could definitely stop worrying about running out of computational strength. And such muscle, comes with a proper 11,200mAh battery power and 12MP Ultra Wide + 12MP Wide Dual Front Camera for a smooth remote experience. Also worth noticing, the sweet balance between strength and super lightweight packed in a slim design wrapped by an Armor Aluminum casing which guards against bumps and drops.


The ultra-large screen can only mean getting lost in some ultra-rich experiences. In a way, Samsung is empowering us all with true power for doing a lot without the physical restraints of traditional computing experiences. And not only the visuals are stunning but also the sound thanks to a tuned by AKG Dolby Atmos surround sound.


Mastering multitasking on a tablet is now a struggle of the past. The brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra aids us in doing more thanks to the 2-in-1 capabilities of a tablet and a PC. Samsung DeX creates a desktop experience right on the tablet by mirroring the display and navigation on a laptop to let us work on multiple windows. And something that might not be interesting to everyone but is still worth mentioning, is the Microsoft 365 integration. Same which lets us create and edit documents on the go.


And for the rising creative souls out there, unleash your most innovative self with a real pen-on-paper experience, which inspires the imagination like no other digital experience offered by Samsung so far. Included not only in this model but the aforementioned Tab S8 and Tab S8+, the new S Pen has near-zero latency, which means it acts more like a real pen in our hands than ever before. Sketch out your next masterpiece or simply write great notes which automatically convert them into text.


Recording visuals from a tablet isn't always a comfortable experience, but still, the Tab S8 Ultra offers super-clear video in 4K with an ultra-wide dual front camera which is pretty good at capturing unique moments in life. Enhance your selfie game with a device that automatically adjusts to keep you in the frame. Now, our photo and video skills will shine like never before, no matter the experience behind the lens!


And if you want to upgrade to a new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, but are afraid of losing the files on your old device, then Samsung has us covered. With the built-in Smart Switch, this can happen in a seamless and secure way. Simply move your favorite files, no matter what operating system you’re switching from.


Wrapping it Up!


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra, which to choose? Well, every option fits particular needs and we won't tell you to go straightforward with the largest one. If you want a more traditional tablet experience for perhaps tethered shooting and on the go companion, then the S8 would do the job. But if you are trying to detach from the bulkiness and limitations of PCs and Laptops, then either S8+ or S8 Ultra might be the one perfect for you.


Considering that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is perhaps the most ambitious tablet we've seen in a while, we would like to close this piece by expanding a little bit more around the most expensive model discussed in this overview. Having a tablet with such a massively large screen could derive various potential users, and such fear is understandable, especially when the beautiful design seduces us to handle it without the aid of covers of any sort. But worry not, the metal finish has a pretty nice grip, and one gets used to the feeling sooner than later. Also interesting to note about this incredible tablet solution is that, according to unofficial tests, the battery life could last up to nearly 10 hours of heavy usage.


Answering the question upon who should buy the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra isn't as simple as it seems. There are several things to consider, but perhaps the most important one here is that this fine piece of equipment has been designed with a clear goal in mind, increasing the centralization of technological dependence. So if you are trying to take a more minimal approach towards your hardware, then this might be a good way to go. And one of the things that suggests to us this idea is the clear approach of Samsung towards recycling, responsible disposals and migration from other devices.


Sure, Android isn't the best call for one willing to give away laptops and PCs, but these folks are trying their best to make our hardware dependence a bit less bulky. So if you are willing to make a huge chance in your workflow, meaning to rely only on a big tablet and your phone (and your camera of course) then you should embrace the adventure within this route. But if you are looking for just a new tablet, then the Galaxy Tab S8 will be more than enough for you. And about the Galaxy Tab S8+, we are still not sure how to feel. Perhaps if the prices between the Tab S8 and Tab S8+ were a bit more significant (making the smaller a bit cheaper) then it could make sense. But for now, we stick between either Tab S8 ($699.99) or Tab S8 Ultra ($999.99).

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