11 Must Have Men's Leather Accessories


Leather has accompanied humanity since the early beginnings of mutual and social grouping. Back in those days, it was a crucial element of tool assembling and for enduring in the outdoors. Nowadays, it is still a preferred material for several working and lifestyle purposes. It surrounds us in many ways, and synthetic alternatives have sprouted to cope with the high fast-fashion related demand. But nothing beats the real thing when it comes to aesthetic and utilitarian purposes. After an appropriate research among friends and others, we'd come to the conclusion that the following accessories built the top-ten leather accessories any man should have.

Leather Messenger Bags

When it comes to bags and photography, one simply can't get enough. Messenger bags are one of those few generous and functional leather accessories that can cope with any lifestyle. But since there are plenty of options out there regarding them, which one to pick? Well, it will depend on the overall purpose that you might give to it, but here is a hint.

MegaGear Torres Genuine Leather Camera Messenger Bag for Mirrorless, Instant and DSLR Cameras

MegaGear Torres Cowhide Leather Camera Messenger Bag for Mirrorless, Instant and DSLR Cameras

Our Torres cowhide leather messenger bags, for example, respond to the active lifestyle of contemporary photography enthusiasts and professionals. Therefore, they are designed with a clear goal in mind, carrying cameras in a secure and stylish way. Therefore, they have the proper space for carrying interchangeable-lens camera systems like DSLRs and mirrorless models. But, what if photography isn't your main worry right now? What if you are looking for carrying your laptop, tablet, documents, books, notebooks and others instead? Then, you won't look for a compact camera leather bag but a more sophisticated and sleek product, like our leather sleeves for example. Or simply a larger messenger bag with a miscellaneous design in mind.

Leather Gloves

You've seen them in movies; and admit it, you've always wanted them! Perhaps the reason why these have become a scarce accessory in anyone's wardrobe is because cars no longer feature wood or steel steering wheels, but they can always come in handy. And the main reason why is because they don't only offer comfort when grabbing stuff but also a bit of support. Beyond this classic usage, made popular thanks to early twentieth century movies and advertisements, leather gloves can also keep your hands comfortable during cold weather, and even help you out when enduring long hours of typing and even gaming.

Whatever the use you might be thinking from them, remember to pick a pair that feels comfortable to your hands; especially if you are going to use them beyond stylish purposes. Leather is functional, and you should always guide your buying decisions with that particular insight in mind.

Belts and Suspenders

We've moved quite less this year than the previous ones, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't ever start wearing jeans or pants again. The debate between belts and suspenders is quite seasoned by now, but whichever ever you feel more comfortable with, then that should be the one for you. It is true that belts and suspenders have been long made with alternative or substitute materials, but if you are a leather lover like ourselves, then you'd be aware about the durability benefits this material has. And let's not forget how awesome they look!

Leather Footwear

Secure walking is one the mighty old uses of leather, and is still one of the principal usages one thinks of when thinking about this particular type of versatile fabric. From sandals to elegant shoes, from casual loafers to heavy-built boots, leather could reign them all!

Leathered footwear is an all-time classic, and is perhaps the more diverse leather accessory on the planet from colors to shapes, and from quality to purposes. Regarding photography, investing in a good pair of walking shoes will give you the most pleasing experience ever. Images rarely come to you but the other way around, and walking is still the best strategy anyone can use for capturing beautiful photographs in meaningful ways. Before even thinking about "what lens should I buy next?", start by picking one pair of good leather walking boots for example, trust me, it will be a purchase that will worth every single penny that you put into it.

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Maybe you'll be thinking that these have a lot to do with one's personality rather than being a must-have. But no, these are not leather pants.

Leather jackets offer a timeless look and a durable apparel piece that will last your whole life. They are so unique and particular, that could be compared to watches in sense, they grow old and mature at your side, and they come in different styles and colors to fit with your own personality.

This is a friendly advice one of our friends gave to us regarding leather jackets. These are one of the most commonly falsified leather articles on the planet because they are large pieces of precious fabric turned into good looking pieces of clothing. And there is a long tradition about how the best leather jackets come from artisans rather than big brands. Therefore, one could fall-off for a good looking leather jacket that has no labels in it because it could correspond to the overall discursive idea or understanding around what is handcrafted and what is serially produced.

Discerning between genuine leather and synthetic materials isn't that easy, so be careful when investing in one of them. If you don't have the keen eye and nose for detecting which is which regarding these materials, then you should always rely on reviews and certified stores.

Leather Strapped Watches

And speaking of watches, what about a nicely styled leather strapped wrist watch? No app can compare to the aesthetic experience delivered by actually carrying time in your hand. And when it comes to watches, there are plenty of options out there. From casual to formal, one can drown in options when looking for one. When it comes to leather there are a lot of different options, and we'll skip the exotic ones because we simply think they are too much (you know, reptile based straps that no one really needs). The important thing about picking a leather strapped watch is, as in any other leather related accessory, the quality of the leather, and that you also take care of it.

Here is a brief yet practical guide for picking the right color for your needs:

  • Black and gray straps cope perfectly with blacks and other dark monochrome clothing. But if you are all about making statements, you can always use a strong color accented strap for a bold touch!
  • Light to medium brown leather straps combine perfectly with blue or other cool toned clothing. Therefore, anything from purple to green can fit in this spectrum too.
  • If you have a broad wardrobe with browns in it, then warm toned leather colored straps will be a perfect match. Red, yellow, oranges, you name it!

And if you think colors are too much, don't get us started on textures which can go from classic treated to raw!

Leather Wallets and Leather Card & Coin Holders

These are some other major leather essentials for any man, and the minimally designed are always the wise call to pick out! Long gone are the days in which we carried a lot of cash in our wallets, and thanks to those bulky old-fashioned ones, we all ended up stuffing useless bills and other junk inside of them.

Thankfully, some genius came up with the idea of enabling traditional card-holders with a small pouch for keeping some walking cash, and voila! The minimal leather wallet became a thing. Now, this is pretty much the standard way of going, and we have a broad array for you to pick out. You got us, we do want you to watch these beauties of course:

Coins? Seriously? Yeah, we are serious, but not those smelly and nasty coins. Check out our genuine leather holders for Ledger and Trezor One wallets. Keep your favorite crypto secured with style, you are totally going to love them.

Leather Aprons

Let's face it, we all developed some cooking skills during this odd year, thanks for that 2020... And of course, some folks went the extra mile and actually made cooking their thing. So whether you are into BBQ, pastry-cooking, coffee brewing, or simply some other craft like wood carving perhaps, then you'll know how useful it is to have a proper apron to protect your clothing while doing the job.

Here we have a unique piece of apparel that will take your new hobby to the next level. With our genuine leather apron, you won't have to look for empty pockets anymore, and that heat won't make you stand away from the sizzling flavors of your cook. Also the apron comes with an attachable leather knife roll and pouch, intuitively designed for carrying all sorts of tools and utensils.

AirPod Case & Cover

If you have never lost one of them AirPod things, then you are quite lucky for sure. Or maybe we are just clumsy. Either way, having a proper way of carrying them around is always a wise call, unless you keep them attached to your ears 24/7, which we don't think is that healthy either. Our Londo Genuine Leather cases have been designed to fit the AirPod case in an elegant and small pouch that will give you the extra security these little folks deserve, in a much classy way.

Leather Notepad & Pen Cases

Do you know which is the most secure device ever? If you are a gear-head like us, you might not like this answer, but it is true. The answer to that question is simple, and it has to do with a device that needs no charging, and doesn't have a screen to crack or scratch... Of course, we are talking about notebooks and notepads. But these are not always that good looking (unless it is a Moleskine, yes we know that, thank you very much). Notepads are odd-looking, unless you fit them inside a nice leather case. Then, it all changes and quickly becomes a fashion statement of its own.

We currently don't have leather notepad cases for you, but we do have a nice compliment to that working approach, genuine leather pen and pencil cases. Our Londo cases come with durable and easy to access tuck in flap for the most casual users. But if you are a creative soul, with several of these magnificent writing tools, then you might want to check out our genuine leather zipper cases for pens, pencils and pretty much anything that fits inside of them.

SD Card Holders

No careful photographer or videographer will ever tell you to use one single large SD card for a gig, especially if this happens to be abroad and very far away from home. Professional and serious image makers will always use several SD Cards with a rather humble, or at least decent, storage capacity instead of using a huge single 1TB SD Card.

Therefore, they need secure places to store their cards, and our genuine leather holders are quite something in fact. These are made in seven vibrant colors, and they all can feet 6 SD cards in them.

* Pro Tip: Whenever storing your cards, face-down the full ones, so you know that those cards should be left alone. This is a very expensive advice, and we are giving it to you for free :).

As you can see, leather accessories go beyond wallets and belts. Here we've shared with you a collage of the multiple opinions several people have shared with us regarding them. Remember that this material is in fact an organic tissue; therefore, it won't matter how expensive the piece you acquire is if you don't give the proper care to it. There are several leather related products out there, but surprisingly (or maybe not), skin caring creams work as a fantastic solution if you are in an urge of treating a damaged piece of leather and don't have immediate access to one of these products in the market.

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