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Laptop bags and laptop sleeves are a safe and stylish way to carry a portable computer. With more and more people owning laptop computers because they are often standard-issue work equipment and need to be transported between the office and home as well as on trips, there is an abundance of appropriate and attractive laptop bags and sleeves on the market. They are a great way for both men and women to make a strong personal statement as a fashion accessory.

Our Products

MegaGear offers a line of meticulously handcrafted and personalizable laptop sleeves in both genuine leather and neoprene. These three products, designed for the maximum amount of protection for your laptop, offer the utmost in quality, style and convenience with features that include:

  • Secure cover
  • Quick top-loading access
  • Durable construction
  • Convenient size

Londo Leather Laptop Sleeve

londo leather laptop bag

This popular product is crafted from high-quality cowhide leather. Its fine stitching and slim body give it a sleek look and pleasing feel.  It is available in a choice of colorful bohemian and ethnic designs, including mosaic patterns created from woven jacquard linen or polyester.

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MegaGear Leather and Fleece Macbook Bag

leather laptop sleeve

A laptop bag of enduring quality and timeless style, this smart bag is made from high-quality vegetable-tanned cowhide and fleece. The options for personalizing it with a logo or name are limitless. It is available in a selection of combinations of bold colors to fit your tastes and lifestyle.

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MegaGear Soft Neoprene Laptop Sleeve Case

MegaGear Soft Neoprene Laptop Sleeve Case for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iPad Case

This flexible, lightweight laptop sleeve is made from padded neoprene, a synthetic rubber prized for its durability, stability and resistant to degradation and extreme temperature. This on-the-go sleeve will ensure a snug fit that will keep your laptop from jiggling around and protect it from scratches, bumps, moisture and dirt. It’s perfect for carrying in your backpack, messenger bag or briefcase.

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What’s the Difference Between a Laptop Bag and a Laptop Sleeve?

How do you distinguish between a laptop sleeve and a laptop bag, and which one is right for you? 

The Laptop Bag 

The laptop bag has its origins in the traditional briefcase. It is rectangularly shaped, but unlike a briefcase which is typically made from rigid material such as leather, the laptop bag is often made from soft material. While the design of laptop bags will vary, they almost always have a few features in common: 

  • A large internal compartment to securely store the laptop during transport
  • Additional interior compartments for holding papers and documents
  • Smaller compartments for storing accessories such as mouse pads and cell phones
  • A set of handles, a short one along the long side for hand-carrying and a long, adjustable strap to turn the carrier into a shoulder bag, freeing up the user’s hands for other tasks

The Laptop Sleeve

Laptop sleeves came into existence when laptops started getting thinner and smaller. They tend to be simpler than laptop bags, and often more stylish. Rectangular like a laptop bag or briefcase, the laptop sleeve essentially is a pouch that is designed to fit closely over a laptop. It typically does not have any handles because it is meant to be carried under the arm, and therefore it is not used as a shoulder bag. The laptop sleeve has a zippered opening along one end along with interior compartments to hold the laptop as well as papers, documents and accessories, and is usually constructed from non-rigid materials. Because of laptop sleeves’ smaller size, they can be used only for compact and lightweight laptop computers or tablets.


The primary use for a laptop sleeve is to minimize the amount of dirt, dust or debris that comes into contact with a computer. Using a laptop sleeve to repel dust will extend its lifespan. It may also be water-repellent and will protect a laptop or tablet against spillage and exposure to rain. While it may guard a computer against minor jostling, it does not provide much protection against drops or falls; laptop bags provide more safety. In fact, users, and commuters in particular, may need to purchase a laptop bag in addition to a laptop sleeve.

In an upcoming blog, we will talk about messenger bags, and how they differ from laptop bags and laptop sleeves

What to Look for in a Laptop Bag or Laptop Sleeve

With so many options to choose from, some of them quite expensive, how do you know which laptop sleeve or bag is right for you? You must first determine whether you are better off with a bag or a sleeve, or maybe you need both. The answer depends upon your lifestyle and the intended use for the accessory. For example, do you travel a lot? If you take your computer between work and home, what is your commute like? We have sorted it all out for you, below.

In General

Most important, you want to make sure your laptop bag or sleeve is the right size for your computer, which should fit snugly without slipping. Yet it should also be roomy enough to accommodate compartments to hold papers and accessories. It should be well-made and constructed from durable material. Laptop bags should be reinforced with cushioning to help protect your computer. Make sure all closures, including zippers, velcro and clips are functioning properly. If you fly a lot, choose a bag or cover that is checkpoint friendly. Bags with a compartment for the laptop that unfolds will give security scanners an unobstructed view.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make your purchase:

  • Do you travel a lot and go through airport checkpoints?
  • Will your sleeve or bag be exposed to the elements?
  • Will your sleeve or bag be subject to a lot of wear and tear?
  • How much stuff do you carry with you?
  • How long will you carry your bag on each outing?


And finally, you want your computer bag or sleeve to look great. After all, it’s a fashion accessory as well as a functional item, one that reflects your personal style.


While laptop bags sleeves come in a variety of materials, the most common are leather, faux leather (often referred to as PU leather), neoprene, nylon and polyester. Leather is the most expensive, but extremely popular because it is elegant, luxurious, durable, functional and fashionable. Embossed leather offers a huge array of options, including exotic patterns such as snake and alligator. Its downside is that it is not as elastic as synthetics, so when used to cover laptop sleeves an extra layer of internal protection may be necessary. Keep in mind not all leather is created equal, and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between genuine and synthetic leather. If you are not sure about the quality of leather, trust your instincts: if it looks and feels good and has a pleasant odor, it’s probably good leather.

Neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber used for everything from wet suits and face masks to hoses and gaskets, is popular because of its insulation and protective qualities. It is also remarkably lightweight and durable. However, neoprene laptop sleeves often offer less room to store accessories. Neoprene is a more often used for laptop sleeves than for laptop bags.


The laptop bag or sleeve must fit your laptop. When taking measurements, keep in mind that, like a TV screen, laptop screen size is measured in diagonal length (the length from the top left to bottom right corners). We recommend a ½” of “wiggle room” in any direction to insure a snug fit. If you plan to purchase a laptop sleeve, it must also fit inside a carrier, whether it is a laptop bag or messenger bag. If you are specifically looking for a notebook bag, look for something that is specifically marketed as a “notebook bag,” which will most likely have an inside compartment sized specifically for a notebook computer.


The main purpose of the laptop sleeve it to protect your laptop from dirt and spills, as well as impact such as falls and bumps. Leather is an excellent choice for the former, but extra padding is necessary for the latter.


Many laptop sleeves on the market have a pocket for accessories, such as chargers, headphones and thumb drives. Make sure you choose one to accommodate what you typically carry with you. Internal compartments include room for business cards and cell phones; exterior ones provide easy access to documents, magazines and even books and water bottles.  We recommend a sufficient closure on all compartments so things don’t fall out if your bag is turned upside-down. Laptop sleeves typically have less room for storage than laptop bags.


Check stitching and zippers for quality and consistency. Good zippers are made from metal, not plastic. You can test it by zipping it open and closed several times to judge its performance. Based on what your laptop bag or sleeve might be exposed to, you may want the zippers to be waterproof or water-resistant.


Besides good lucks, your laptop bag or sleeve should be designed for convenience and comfort. Some laptop bags are designed with flaps to cover the main compartment. Some people prefer them to zippers because they provide quick access to the inside of the bag. The design of shoulder strap should be taken into consideration. It should be made from material that is water-resistant and won’t slip off your shoulder. The best straps are padded, adjustable, have well-constructed edges that won’t fray with use and the right thickness to distribute weight across your shoulder.

The design should also be checkpoint friendly if you fly a lot. Some laptop bags are labelled “TSA compliant,” which means that you won’t have to remove your laptop from the bag, but rather open the bag into a “butterfly” position so your laptop is visible.

The Beauty of Leather Laptop Bags and Sleeves

Leather is an excellent choice for a laptop bag or sleeve because of its durability, elegance and timeless appeal. Leather is available in a wide range of qualities, patterns and colors to satisfy every taste. But leather also comes with a few special considerations, such as maintenance and care. 


In general, leather can be cleaned by wiping it with a dry cloth. Stains and spots can often be removed with a damp cloth or, if necessary, by adding a small amount of non-detergent soap such as castile, to the cloth, gently rubbing in a circular motion. It should never be spot-cleaned.

For tougher dirt and stains, there are many commercial leather cleaners that are appropriate for the particular type of leather your laptop bag or sleeve is made from. You should always test a discrete area first. After applying, any excess moisture or cleaner should be removed with a dry cloth.


Leather should never be left in direct sunlight or subjected to oversaturation with any type of liquid. Regular dusting and monthly cleaning should keep it in tip-top shade. If it gets wet, it should be allowed to dry naturally – most water stains will evaporate over time. You should never use a blow dryer or apply any substance that is not made specifically for use on leather.

You should also apply conditioner to moisturize the leather at least twice a year. It should be applied with a soft cloth in small amounts - too much conditioner can be detrimental. A good conditioner will be readily absorbed by the leather to nourish the fibers and maintain flexibility. If leather is not conditioned, and starts to lose its natural oils, it can crack. Conditioner can also protect leather from stains, deeper its color and enhance its patina.

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