The Valley Backpack

The Valley backpack, one of our best-sellers, has been re-engineered to offer the ultimate in a backpack that is luxurious yet tough. Elegant and sophisticated enough for the urban dweller but rugged and resistant enough to handle severe weather and harsh environments, the genuine leather Valley backpack has something for everyone. We know our backpacks and you know your lifestyle.

We created the perfect place to put your laptop with a newly designed 13” interior padded compartment, so now you can comfortably carry your computer anywhere, whether it’s the office or the wilderness. Next, we added a detachable interior lining made from super-soft suede to help you keep the pack’s interior clean and dry. All you have to do is flip up the lining, wipe it clean, and tuck it back inside. We added a safety feature: the exterior fold-over flap now has double latches to keep your items secure and free from the elements. And finally, the backpack has two zippered side pouches for additional storage as well as a secure front pocket that is perfect for holding your credit cards and cell phone.

Outstanding Features

Here are some of the features that make the leather Valley backpack the ideal choice for anyone looking for style, sophistication, and function all in one backpack.

  • Designed for easy organization and even weight distribution
  • Handy leather loop for hanging
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Durable and suitable for hiking or biking in any kind of weather
  • YKK zippers
  • Interior laptop sleeve
  • Detachable interior lining
  • Exterior magnetic pocket for small accessories and two side pockets for additional storage
  • Free drawstring bag with purchase

Because our Valley backpack is crafted by hand from our famous Crazy Horse leather, each one is unique.  The distressed appearance of the leather, with its natural variations of color, gives the bag a rustic vintage look. 

The new redesigned Valley leather backpack is available in four thrilling colors.

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Our Crazy Horse Leather

The Valley backpack is hand-crafted from the finest quality Crazy Horse leather, ensuring that each bag is unique. The quintessential “distressed” leather, Crazy Horse leather is made to age with use but is created with all the benefits of modern-day tanning techniques. Its ability to react to its environment, take on scuffs and bumps like a badge of honor and develop a patina over time to become only more beautiful when put into service, give it an unparalleled timeless appeal.  Valley backpacks are as unique and individual as their owner, reflecting their personal lifestyles.

How is Crazy Horse Leather Made?

We start with the finest quality of full-grain, natural cowhide. It is aniline-dyed in the drum to impart a rich color throughout the entire hide, then treated with a specially-formulated heat-reactive paraffin wax that allows its surface to react to use, subtlely changing over time. This type of leather is often referring to as “distressed.”

The next step is buffing and polishing the hides to achieve a glowing sheen. The lack of pigment on the leather’s surface allows its natural characteristics to show through, a testament to the leather’s fine quality and authenticity. Scuffs, scratches, bumps, even the oils from your skin, will create subtle changes in the leather over time.

How Durable is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse is adapted from the horse saddle industry, which requires leather to be able to withstand the elements, as well as friction and wear and tear. It has the unique ability to be both natural-looking and durable at the same time. The special paraffin wax finish in the leather’s topcoat has water-resistant and protective properties. In fact, this leather is known for its strength and toughness.

As a result, your Valley backpack will withstand the test of time, year in, and year out. The signs of continued use will serve to enhance the leather’s beauty and add to its timeless appeal it is aged with an increasing array of hues and degrees of sheen. Distressed, aniline-dyed leather will never crack or harden.

How to be Judge the Quality of Your Leather

First, trust your senses. Leather should feel and look natural and have a pleasant aroma. If you are not sure it is real, if it looks too uniform, if it doesn’t smell like leather, if it feels plasticky, then chances are it’s not premium leather.

The most valuable, high-quality leather is as close as possible to its natural state. In fact, the more processes the leather goes through, the less it is worth it. That is because each step that is taken to eliminate surface defects – buffing, adding pigment, embossing - takes it further away from its original condition.

The best leather is full-grain leather. This means that the original surface of the skin is untouched. You can see the natural peaks and valleys of the hide, as well as tiny pores or hair sacs, with the naked eye. A magnifying glass will make these characteristics more evident. Full-grain leathers are often aniline-dyed, a type of transparent, water-based coloration that allows the natural characteristics of the hide to shine through. This is accomplished by tumbling the hides in a dyeing vat to achieve 100% color saturation.

If the leather has defects that are considered unattractive, such as healed scars, barbed-wire marks or manure burns, the surface of the leather needs to be buffed down to eliminate the unwanted look. This is called “correcting” the leather. This type of leather lacks the natural landscape than can be seen in full-grain leather and makes it look artificial. By removing defects, the manufacturer can take less expensive raw material and take it through a number of processes it to make it acceptable. Pigment, an oil-based coloration that coats the leather, will be used on the surface of the leather to further hide defects, making the leather appear more artificial.

Leather Care and Maintenance

Our Valley backpacks are made from 100% aniline-dyed leather. Timeless and elegant, the leather will age naturally over time, developing a patina and becoming distinguished with use. But leather requires a bit of care and maintenance in order for it to retain its natural beauty.

Keep it Clean

Regular wiping with a soft, dry cloth will keep it free of dirt, dust, and grime. For spills, we recommended wiping the moisture off as quickly as possible with a slightly dampened cloth. For stains, use a dampened cloth in circles around the affected area, moving outward. If the stain resists, you can try using a soft toothbrush or an emery board, gently rubbing the affected area.

Do not use detergents or cleansers that are not specifically made for leather and do not use saddle soap. Avoid over-saturating the leather.

What to do if Your Backpack Gets Soaked

First, wipe it down with a dry cloth. Then, let it dry naturally. You can hang it or turn it inside-out. Do not use a blow dryer or place the leather on a heat source such as a radiator.

What do to if Your Backpack Gets Scratched

Use a soft dry cloth to gently rub the scratch in a circular motion. This will redistribute the wax topcoat. For a deep scratch, apply an appropriate leather wax, which you should purchase from a reliable source.

Use leather cream or wax on a regular basis to even out scratches and preserve the leather’s luster and softness.

How to Maintain Your Leather

We recommend treating your Valley backpack every few months with a leather wax or balm made specifically for distressed leather. This will keep the leather moisturized and give a bright finish to the leather’s wax topcoat. But be careful not to overdo it; otherwise, the leather may become too soft and lose its shape.

Make sure you test a small patch in an area that is not highly visible since some products might darken or even stain the leather. Next, using a soft, clean sponge, apply a thin, even layer to your backpack. Wipe off any excess with a dry cloth.

For best leather performance, avoid overstretching your backpack. You should not use your bag for storage, particularly for heavy items, over long periods of time when it is not in use, and avoid over-stuffing its compartments and pockets.

How to Store Your Leather Backpack

If you do not plan to use your Valley backpack for a period of time, you will increase its longevity by storing it properly.

First, make sure the backpack is completely dry before storing it. Begin by wiping away any excess moisture with a dry cloth. Then leave it out to dry naturally – do not try to dry it with a hairdryer or place it on a heat source such as a radiator.

Next, empty out the bag before putting it in storage. This will help it retain its shape. You should store the backpack in a cotton pillowcase. Do not use plastic. This will prevent discoloration, accumulation of dust, and insect manifestation. Find somewhere that is cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. If you don’t plan to use your backpack for a long period of time, we recommend checking on it once a month to make sure it is cool and dry.

Our Valley backpack is designed to be beautiful, functional, and durable. If you spend a little extra time on its care, you will keep it in its best possible condition and enjoy it for years to come.

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