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While not everyone enjoys packing on the same scale, anyone does know that it is a crucial task before boarding an airplane or train. Traveling has slowly returned to be what it used to be, at least it has slowly reached a similar taste to it.

Luggage planning is something one learns by experience rather than reading; but why not hacking the process and avoid some common misfortunes? Proper planning will reduce the risk of getting unpleasant experiences due to forgetting some (or several) essentials while packing.

This list is the result of a safely-distant chat among us, gathered together and talking about the best, almost jealously kept, travel planning tips and tricks. Here are the most up-voted traveling advice we all shared together during that day!

1. One List to Rule Them All

Nothing beats a nice piece of paper and a pen when jotting down stuff to travel with. But if you are prone to using less paper-based data methods, then any note app will do just fine.

Creating lists before traveling is the best way for you to always be safe that everything you'll need will be right by your side. Or at least close to you. Clothes, gadgets, essential medicines, books and more, it all has to correspond to your destination, especially when weather might be an important aspect to keep in mind.

And don't forget to travel with enough face-masks and sanitizer too! And remember, traveling lists won't write down for you. Some time is needed while crafting them out.

2. One Simply Doesn't Pick a Bag

And just like pretty much everything in your list should correspond to your destination, also your luggage should do so. From a backpack to a trolley, your traveling experience will depend a lot on it.

First of all, get the lightest yet sturdiest piece of luggage your budget can buy. Then, consider the amount of days that you'll spend away from home, and only then you can start thinking of sizes.

Backpacks are great for trips with multiple stops, carry-on trolleys are the best choice for quick travels to single destinations. Contrary to what you might think, try avoiding large suitcases, especially when flying with tight schedules (and trust us, nowadays connections are getting more and more fragile too).

And if your stay will be prolonged, Google out close-by laundry-shops, or try on renting AirBnb's with this accommodation included in their offer.

3. Packing it Up!

Start by rolling your jeans and tees, this way you'll gain a bit of extra space while fitting everything in. Use travel bottles for hygiene related products, and if you are packing a hoodie or something bulkier than that, try wearing it at the airport rather than tucking it inside your bag.

If you are traveling for several days, we recommend having a backpack (for your laptop, camera, books and other heavy-but-essential stuff) and a trolley for your clothes. If you are in the need of fitting something fragile in your roller bag, then make sure to wrap it tight with your clothes. Use Ziploc bags for socks and underwear, and if possible, vacuum the air outside of them. Everything counts when packing like a pro!

4. Doing the Math

A rule-of-thumb for sleek packing is to carry enough clothes for every single day that you spend out. But that's what the books say, we all confess that we tend to use bottoms for more than one day. If you are going to stay abroad for more than 7 days, pack enough tops for a maximum of 7 to 9 days. After that, we highly suggest you find some place to do your laundry if you need extra fresh clothes.

5. Charging your Life while being Abroad

Our lives have gotten governed by our electronic devices, and charging them is crucial for pleasing traveling experiences. Pack a universal charger with you if going too far-away from home, and don't use those charging stations on the airports, they have always made us suspicious... Rather, get a portable power bank (some have solar panels included for the most outdoorsy travelers), and you'll be all-set!

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