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Our passion for leather reduces to a simple idea; it features a timeless aesthetic, embedded in it. Therefore, if you are able to understand the noble nature of this fantastic fabric, then you'll know that leather is a great gift option for anyone important in your life.

On birthdays, holidays, special dates, or just any reason; gifts constitute a valuable human gesture that scopes beyond the objects themselves. But sometimes it can become quite hard to pick something special for those important fellows in our lives. Thankfully, we got you covered, and we've crafted a brief yet thoughtful list of leather gift ideas.

Bags, the Absolute Must!

MegaGear Valley Handcrafted Leather Backpack

As true icons of lifestyle, bags are more than just something to carry your stuff with. They literally offer a convenient solution for the active world we live on today, and they usually look great! Well, not always, but ours do look awesome for any occasion you can think of ;). High-school college, university, work and traveling!

For us, bags need to correspond to specific uses, and that mindset has led us to design beautiful yet very useful bag solutions for both women and men.

Backpacks: A timeless companion

Check out our proudly handcrafted leather backpack, perfect for carrying books, your laptop and all the essentials you could think of. Designed from scratch with a vintage style in mind, this is certainly the last leather backpack you'll ever need!

MegaGear Valley Handcrafted Leather Backpack

One of the worst fears one can have when it comes to using leather backpacks is that something spills out in the inside of it. With that in mind, we've managed to offer a secure solution for this. In the unfortunate event of something like that to happen to you, our leather backpack features a detachable suede lining that keeps the bag’s interior clean and dry, even in rough weather.

Load-wise the design is simple, it has a spacious interior, and just a convenient padded compartment for fitting a 13" laptop. On the outside, two small bags at each side, and one medium pouch at the very back for easy-to-reach items like phone, wallet, cards and why not, hand sanitizer as well. Simple as that!

Messenger Bags: The perfect companion

Alright, our messenger bags are quite different from any other you could expect when hearing the phrase "messenger bags". Ours are mainly aimed towards people who take photography seriously. We don't mind if someone is an amateur or professional photographer, we rather discern between seriously passionate, and the others.

If you know someone who matches that brief yet powerful description, then you should consider one of our leather camera messenger bags (they can be also used by non-photographers too, but let's focus on the image lovers for a bit).

They all come in vibrant colors, and are seamlessly designed to keep your camera friends stealthy as they can!

Laptop Sleeve Bags: A safe companion

Just like cases are essential for phones, sleeves are for laptops too. And even when you wish you could give someone a laptop, you can still give them something to protect their current one!

Beautifully crafted to last, our genuine leather laptop sleeves offer the perfect gift option for anyone you know. Currently available in two stunning styles, they both are doubly useful! They, of course, protect one's beloved laptop, but with a splendid style!

Our leather laptop sleeves are true fashion articles, and they both come in incredibly vibrant color choices for you to pick out. Match that special person's personality, and give her or him an extra protection for their valuable gadget too.

Wallets, More than Just an Accessory

If you were thinking about the traditional wallet gift, then you might find our huge selection of them a bit overwhelming for you! But don't worry, we have them all well organized for you to pick the perfect one out. Genuine leather wallets, clutches, envelopes and passport wallets, or even cards and crypto holders!

leather gift personalized custom accessories

Make it Unique

Gifts are always special, but you can make them even more memorable by putting a personalized touch in them! And luckily for you, several of our genuine leather crafted articles are available for personalized engravings. Check them out, and make an even better choice!

Custom Leather Mouse Pads

Eight years have passed since we started out this passionate journey in the splendid fields of leather and technology! We design and manufacture high fashion quality products for customers world-wide, and we are pleased to help you out into finding the perfect leather gift for those special persons in your lives.

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