Mother's Day Gift Guide


Most people will agree with us that Mums are one of a kind, and they deserve only the best of this world! Gift cards are usually good for friends and other family members, but mums require some precious time to be invested in when looking for a precious gift.

Our passion for leather has given us the opportunity of expanding our product line-up, while always keeping in mind lifestyle and timeless looks when designing our top-quality leather wearables and accessories. Therefore, we are certain that leather will always be a great option when looking out for the perfect gift!

Here, we've crafted a useful gift guide especially aimed towards those special persons we mentioned before, Mothers.

Keeping her Gadgets Pristine

Whether your mom prefers using an iPad or a MacBook, our fine leather bohemian style sleeves are the perfect gift for them to carry their precious gadgets with them. These come in three distinct designs, aimed for using during different situations according to weather and clothes, and they are made with love and fine leather for them to always look nice.

These handcrafted personalized fine leather sleeves are perfect for carrying the following Apple products: MacBook Pro and Air, 16", 15", 13" & 13.3", iPad Pro 12.9" Case (4th & 3rd Generation). They can also be used with other laptops and tablets, but we encourage you to look for the detailed product dimensions here.

Our aim was to design a product that beyond looking great, was mighty useful. Therefore, we ended up with a convenient and modern accessory that your mum can easily rely on.

They are the perfect balance between modern and bohemian styles!

Back to Basics

It is highly unlikely that your mum doesn't have a handbag, we know that. But before skipping this one, allow us to elaborate a bit further. Tote bags are like the quintessential accessory to carry around, each bag that you see being carried on the streets is able to tell a deep story about their lifestyle, responsibilities and attachment towards family and friends.

Take a look at her wardrobe and check out the state of their current Tote bag (trust us, they have at least two, one in black and one in brown). After that, you can decide if this could be a perfect gift or not (yet).

We have two models of useful Tote bags in the classic colors black and brown. They both are handcrafted with exquisite top-grain cowhide leather, and they are perfect for carrying the everyday life's essentials.

Our minimalist designs correspond to the need Tote bags usefully satisfy, without sacrificing quality nor style!


And Speaking of Essential Bags...

No shoulder bag will be complete without smaller bags to fit make-up and other essentials in them. The more organized a bag can be, the better the experience of carrying them out becomes.

Our genuine leather makeup bags are designed and crafted with the purpose of delivering a convenient and modern leather accessory with a powerful use in mind, carrying small essentials that no one wants jiggling freely in a purse.

From cosmetics, jewelry and toiletries, everything fits conveniently inside these beautiful bags. They are currently available in four lovely colors, and they come with a top loading zipper system that you'll find to be brilliantly tough and secure.

What about a bigger solution? No worries, we got your mom covered. Our genuine leather travel toiletry dopp kits are the perfect leather accessory for storing larger essentials like brushes, bottles, and more. Pick from any of our three colors, and give your mom a gift she will always love to use.

Last but not least, you can always impress your mom with a beautiful and useful clutch! Here, we have a broad array of beautifully designed clutches for her, although you might find yourselves a bit overwhelmed with all the options we have for you ;).

Also, MegaGear offers unisex design messenger bags for women:

Pebble Leather Camera Messenger Bag

Torres Leather Camera Messenger Bag


Wallets are a mighty classic among us in MegaGear, and with time we've come to develop several and useful styles of them, so let's check them out!

  • Our genuine leather passport wallets are the perfect traveling companion these days, especially when passing through security checkpoints. Keep all the traveling essentials within one single place, and allow your mom to avoid spending too much time in line. Pick from any of our eight beautiful leather colors too!

  • Classic envelope style wallets and genuine leather coin & credit card wallets are a must. Check out all the options that we have for your mom here. And remember to pick a color that fits her personality the most!

  • If your mom has a more adventurous soul, then try some of our unisex genuine leather multipurpose bi-fold wallets. They come in several styles, and more colors for you to pick out.

  • Card holders have become an almost entire replacement for big wallets these days thanks to their minimal lay-out. Pick any from our generous selection of genuine leather card holders and give your mom the perfect gift today.

Is Your Mom all-in for the Crafts?

If so, then you'll delight her for good with this gift we have for you, our genuine leather working aprons! Essential for cooking, gardening and other sorts of working, If she fits this case, then we are sure you'll make your mom extremely happy with our versatile genuine leather aprons. Thanks to it's adjustable design, it gets splendidly comfortable while being used, and due to its meticulous craft, she can be sure that it will perform.
Heat, water and flames resistant, our genuine leather working aprons are one of our top articles to this day!

We hope that this brief list will give you a better idea of what to give to your beloved mother during her special day. And if you have any doubts about our products, take a chat with us!

Last but not least, various of our products have personalizations available, so don't forget to consider them while shopping our genuine leather products.

Cheers, and whatever you pick, you can be sure that you'll buy something made with passion and love, but beyond that, with high quality controls!

Personalized Fine Leather Journals & Planers

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