The Luxurious Leather Gift Guide for Your Valentine


Valentine's day is usually related to loving romantic relationships, but it doesn't have to scope just to them. One can also indulge friends, family and even oneself during this time of the year! Said that, we bring you some nice gift ideas for anyone you have in mind for Valentine's day.

All of the upcoming genuine leather products have been carefully selected for matching the active lifestyles that characterizes our brand. Therefore, if you know someone who loves juggling between the urban and the outdoors lives in a free-spirited way, then this list will help you out into putting a smile on those that you love!

Do You Love an Image Lover?

camera case accessories

As a photographer, there is nothing more satisfying than having some camera-related as a gift in our hands! If you are looking to give a gift to a person in love with photography, then we have some of the best things that you can always think of for them.

  • Camera Cases are essential for protecting our precious pieces of gear, and when it comes to leather, we have plenty of options for you to pick from.

  • Camera straps are great valentine's gifts in case you aren't quite sure what is your significant other and friend shooting with.

  • Camera leather messenger bags are the ultimate luxurious gift for anyone who loves photography, and luckily for you, we have three beautiful models for you to choose.

  • Last but not least, having a nice place for keeping SD cards safe is also a nice one too. Check out our genuine leather SD Card Holders and stand from the crowd.

Laptop or Tablet, Everyone Has at Least One

megagear gift ideas leather gifts
Even when someone already has something to protect theirs, it is likely that it might be already wearing out. Our genuine leather laptop and tablet sleeves are the perfect companion for the active lifestyle. They come in great designs, and are built to last.

  • Want to really go above and beyond with your valentine's day gift? Then you should consider our handcrafted leather backpacks. Great for the most adventurous souls, now with a 25% discount in all of our colors!

And if you think their sleeves and bags are still pretty neat, you can also check out our extended laptop and mouse leather working mats for home and office!

Want Something Classier and Timeless?

It is true, giving someone else a bag could be a hard thing to do thanks to the massive amount of choices there are in the market out there. But thankfully for you, we love going back to basics, and there is nothing like a useful bag like ours. Pick one from black or brown, and you'll be all-set!

makeup bag dopp kit cosmetic case

Our leather tote bags are made with Top-Grain Cowhide Leather, and have been handcrafted with durable high quality materials for them to last. They have been designed with a minimal approach, and they are both practical and modern too.

And speaking of timeless bags, we also have classic looking genuine leather makeup bags for you to choose from. And last but not least, genuine leather traveling dopp kits too.

The Essentials

There are some accessories that rather of being mere articles, are considered in fact to be essentials of anyone's life.

  • Either for reading or UV-protection purposes, glasses cases are always a good thing to have. They protect our precious optics, and they are easier to find when looking for them. Check out our collection of genuine leather glasses cases, we have two beautiful styles in a vibrant selection of colors to pick from.

  • And when it comes to essentials, there is no more basic item than a wallet. But these have evolved with time, and we have been keeping up with the current trends. Check out our minimalist genuine leather wallets, card-holders, and passport-wallets now! But we must warn you, you might end up wanting to get more than just one.

Londo Personalized Fine Leather Portfolio with Notepad

Going the Extra Mile!

Do you want to make a statement and truly go beyond the extra mile during this upcoming Valentine's season? Then you should check the following options.
Do you happen to know someone who really loves wine? Then this gift will make him or she jump into the sky! Our finely crafted genuine leather wine bottle holders and carriers are the perfect accessory for anyone with a true passion towards this mighty appreciated drink. Seamlessly designed with a bag approach in mind, our leather wine holders are both protective and great to look at. We have 6 different colors, and fit almost any standard bottle of wine. Perfect for trips, visits and more.

What about something even bolder? Perfect for both women and men, our versatile genuine leather apron is the perfect gift for anyone passionate about working away from the keyboard. From woodworkers, chefs, baristas, gardeners, cobblers and craftspeople of all sorts! These have been crafted with high quality cowhide leather, and are amazingly comfortable to use during extended periods of time. Its multiple features offer practical solutions for working, while looking great!

The apron comes with conveniently placed pockets, and due to its strap-on system, it fits multiple bodies without trouble. Indulge your significant other's new passion towards the crafts, and make a long-lasting statement during this upcoming Valentine's day.

We hope that this brief yet meticulously curated gift guide will make your overall Valentine's experience a memorable one. And don't forget to check out our personalization choices when looking out at some of our genuine leather products too. That will make your already outstanding gifts even harder to forget!

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