The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Photographers and Non-Photographers Alike


Oh boy, what a year this has been. But guess what? Christmas, that special time of the year, is just around the corner by now! And with it, cherished moments will happen of course. About gifts, and based on how things have evolved around 2020, we are very sure that this year people will prioritize their attention on their most beloved friends and family. Therefore, gifts will undoubtedly be more special than before.

With all the home-office stuff, plus other things that have accelerated our way of living, we know that thinking about those special gifts requires some effort. Christmas gift cards are a good solution, but wouldn't it be awesome to be a bit more creative around Christmas gifts this year?

But don't you worry. We have your back covered! Here we've wrapped the perfect Christmas gift list for pretty much anyone, photographer or not, we are sure that you'll find something awesome for you to give to your beloved friends, family and significant other!

You Can't Go Wrong with Messenger Bags

Torres Top-Grain Leather Camera Messenger Bags

Alright, let's start with the simplest one. Who doesn't love having a nice messenger bag for carrying their stuff around? Check out our genuine leather crafted messenger bags, which can be both used for photographers and non-photographers alike thanks to their convenient modular internal system.

Try matching the personality of the person you want to surprise with our abundant array of vibrant and elegant colors. Pick any of our three styles. Each has been designed with specific and practical purposes in mind.

Brighten up that Home-office set-up!

MegaGear Top-Grain Leather Mouse Pads

Some of us are still figuring out how to find that perfect spot for our work to happen at our places. And if you are looking for a gift for someone that is still enduring this odd phase, then we have the perfect solution for you to give to that person! Check out our leather extended mouse pads for desk usage, and give that special person a great working experience in a styled way.

Our leather office desk mats offer great support for your laptop and mouse while protecting the furniture below, and the great part comes with its portability! So no matter where that persona that you are trying to indulge works, he or she will find this a perfect solution for moving around.

Basically, anyone can transform any surface around their place in a working spot! Currently we have them in four fantastic colors, black, dark and light brown and gray.

Do You Know Someone with Too Many Remote Controls? 

remote holder case cover
MegaGear Media Organizers

We all know someone obsessed with remote controlled gadgets right? And if you are looking to give a gift for someone like that, then our leather organizers are a splendid solution.
Remote control organizers are always a great gift option. Made out of genuine leather, they come with 5 pockets, 4 regular-sized for remotes, and a central wider one for tablets and other larger electronic devices. It also works, if you like, as a multipurpose caddy for other storing purposes, as long as the items fit. And if you want a more classic solution, then these other remote control holders might be the perfect gift you've been looking for.

What About More Organization?

Leather Tray Organizers

Then, if the remote organizers aren't sufficient, then you can also compliment them with one of our elegant Leather Tray Organizers. These simple yet useful organizers can be placed pretty much anywhere one wishes to, helping anyone to keep their essentials close to them at any time.

No more losing time looking for keys, watch and phone!

What About Laptop Styling?

MegaGear Laptop Sleeves

No, we are not suggesting to give a laptop as a gift, or if you are planning to, that's awesome! Either way, laptop sleeves make great gifts because people usually buy their laptop, and put little interest in them. Pretty much anyone will do the job for them.

But what about transforming that odd looking soggy sleeve into a fantastic piece of style? Check out our genuine leather laptop sleeves, and pick one for that special person that deserves a styled looking laptop accessory with them!

Do You Know a Backpack Lover? We do...

valley backpack megagearWe can't say this enough! One can't simply have enough backpacks. Literally, it is our passion towards them that made us start this brand, and even when we have widely diversified our offer, there is always a place in our hearts for bags.
Currently, we are a bit short on our camera backpacks, but we still have plenty of our landmark genuine leather bags. This will be the perfect gift for that significant other that has a very special place in your heart.

Handcrafted with genuine leather, our Valley MegaGear Backpacks offer a convenient solution, in a timeless style! They are ideal for the outdoors and the urban active life. Carry your laptop and other precious articles with you all day long! And stop worrying about them getting lost.

Are You Trying to Please a Wine Lover? 

Our genuine leather wine bottle holders and carriers have been designed with a single purpose in mind, protecting precious bottles of wine in styled ways. This is not for anyone, but those who appreciate wine, will find this a highly-valued gift. Our wine holder is standard in size, and will perfectly fit the vast majority of wine bottles in the world. Long-lasting stitches in a sleeked design leather accessory for the most exquisite wine lovers.

What About Someone with a New Craft-related Hobby?

This year has taken our internal cooks, baristas and crafts out of the abyss. If you know someone who has recently discovered a passion like this, then you'll make him or her very much happy with one of our versatile genuine leather aprons.

They are meticulously crafted, and offer an amazing comfort while being used. Our aprons are adjustable, so don't worry about sizes, they will fit a broad array of body types. They are also resistant to heat, flames and water. And last but not least, they feature useful and strategically placed pockets for tools and knives.

Money, Cards, Coins and Crypto!

There is very little to say about wallets, you all know that they make great gifts, and anyone needs one. But we'll give you a hint, if you are looking to give a gift to someone with a bulky wallet, then our minimal styles will make this person very happy indeed! Check out our vast selection of wallets, but be careful because we have a huge selection of fantastic wallets. Even for crypto!

Do You Know a Photographer?

Then you have the perfect gift for her or him. Neoprene and Leather camera cases are always useful, so check them out! And if you have no clue what camera this person uses, then don't worry, a camera strap is also a very much appreciated gift to have.

We hope that this brief list will give you a better idea of what to give to your significant others, beloved friends and family during this 2020 Christmas eve. And if you have any doubts about our products, take a chat with us!

Oh, and several of our products have personalizations available, so don't forget to check them out to make your gifts even more special during these upcoming holidays!

Fujifilm X-T4 Ever Ready Leather Camera Half Case | MegaGear

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